Cultural Life

Fine Arts and Museums

Leipzig offers a wide variety of unique and fascinating cultural activities. With the Gewandhaus Orchestra, Leipzig Opera, and Schauspiel Leipzig, the city is host to several internationally acclaimed classical events for many decades. Highlights of contemporary culture include the world renowned DOK Leipzig film festival celebrating the global documentary community, or the annual a capella Festival bringing artists from around the world to Leipzig. Leipzig has moreover many outstanding Museums, such as the Zeitgeschichtliche Forum, the Leipziger Museum of Fine Arts, the GRASSI Museum, or the Stasi Museum in the „Round Corner.“

Alternative Culture and Recreational Opportunities

Leipzig also features a vibrant street culture and a creative alternative culture, for example the Wave-Gotik Festival, the largest annual Gothic meeting in Europe. In the summer, people from Leipzig love to visit Leipzig’s central zoo, relax with a nice BBQ in one of the many parks like the Clara-Zetkin-Park or the unique Auenwald forest. Especially students like to cool off in one of the two lakes close by (Kulkwitzer See and Cospudener See). Besides parks and lakes, Leipzig offers many other outdoor activities. There are bike paths, sports clubs, and public festivals offering everything from jazz, hip hop, Latin American beats and country. There is basically an outdoor activity and cultural scene for every inclination. Leipzig also has countless possibilities for student activities and nightlife with great bars and clubs all over the city.

Campus, Student Life, and Food

Greatly contributing to Leipzig’s international and fresh atmosphere are the more than 40,000 students enrolled at the cities seven institutions of higher education, the biggest of which is Leipzig University with more than 26,000 students and a history of over 600 years. Campus life at Leipzig University is vibrant and exciting, with many extra-curricular activities open to the public. Leipzig University’s new Campus located at the Augustusplatz forms the heart of the University. Two libraries supply students with everything they need and students can look forward to state of the art lecture halls and student cafeterias. Together, campus and city provide a whole host of services to make studies and an university stay easy to organize, allowing students to become quickly integrated into the daily life of the campus and the community. Students can enjoy delicious meals at low-budget prices at one of the many student cafeterias. In addition, you will, of course, find a whole range of fast food chains as well as other restaurants, bars, pubs, and cafés throughout the city. If you are interested in local culinary specialties be sure not to miss out on Leipziger Lerchen, Leipziger Allerlei and, above all, the famous Gose.