2016 Schedule

Constructing New Models of Security: Conflict and Cooperation in the 21st Century

 Schedule Outline

Saturday, September 3                Arrivals


Sunday, September 4                   Arrivals, Registration, Introductions and Social Ice-Breaker


Monday, September 5                  Leipzig Seminar I:  

Themes, Theories, and Case-Studies for the Summer Academy

Below is a detailed outline of one day during the Summer Academy to provide insight into the theoretical, empirical, and applied learning goals to be pursued and the general structure of each day at the Academy.

10:0012:00:     Prof. Crister S. Garrett: Overview of Themes, Theories, and Case-Studies for Summer Academy.

12:001:30:        Group Lunch

1:30 – 3:00:          Theme Development (Discuss More Deeply Relationship between Presented Themes, Theories, and Proposed Case-Studies)

3:00 – 3:30:          Coffee Break

3:30 – 5:00:          Task Workshop: Discuss in Break-Out Groups the Content of Earlier Sessions, and Develop Questions for the Summer Academy

The Task Workshop is built in throughout the Summer Academy to create space for policy case studies that integrate theory, empiria, and policy making. This is done to make the summer academy more attractive for graduate students interested in non-academic careers, to underscore the role of international studies as an intellectual bridge for participants, and to encourage students to take an active role in applied learning.

5:00 – 5:30:          Coffee Break and Mid-Task-Evaluation

5:30 – 6:00:          Complete Task

6:00 – 7:00:          Plenary Session – Present Results and Discuss

Social Evening:    Pizza Evening at Professor Garrett’s House


Tuesday, September 6                  Leipzig Seminar II:  

Cultures of Security

Social Evening:    Restaurant Dinner Together


Wednesday, September 7            Leipzig Seminar III:  

The Evolution of American Foreign Policy and Diplomacy after the Cold War – Implications for Transatlantic Relations and Global Politics

Social Evening:    Grill Party


Thursday, September 8                The Colditz Seminar:

The Role of International Law in Shaping Approaches to Security

The Colditz Seminar will take place at the (in)famous World War II POW Prison that was located in a castle, and is now a museum and hostel. The background helps embed the function of international law and norms in influencing cultures of security in the form of state behavior, and that of individuals in the service of the state.


Friday, September 9                       The Weimar Seminar:

Domestic Sources of International Politics

The Weimar Seminar is meant to underscore the relationship between domestic politics and foreign policy. The “unraveling of Weimar” and its implications for European and international history provides a compelling background for this basic theme in thinking about diplomacy and security.

Saturday, September 10               Leipzig Seminar IV:

The Sociology of Security

Social Event:        City of Leipzig Bus Tour, Stopping at Leipziger Gose for Famous Local Beer (and other non-alcoholic drinks) and Dinner. Last brewery of its kind in Leipzig and Germany.


Sunday, September 11                  Leipzig and International History:

Morning will start with a walking tour of central Leipzig, where students will learn about the longer history of Leipzig, including the early cold war period where the Americans were in the region and pulled back. They will also receive a tour and explanation of the events of 1989-1990. This provides a compelling arch between 1945 and 1990.


Monday, September 12                The Dresden Seminar:

War, Society, and Rethinking Security

The Dresden Seminar provides a dramatic backdrop for a discussion of the relationship between violence and foreign policy, about the emergence of new cultures of security in the nexus of force, law, and order. Students will receive information about the fire bombing of Dresden during World War II and its historical legacy.


Tuesday, September 13                Leipzig Seminar V:

Economic Foundations of Societal Security.


Wednesday, September 14         The Torgau Seminar: 

Geopolitics and the Emerging World Order in a Transatlantic Context

The Torgau Seminar symbolizes the changing ground of geopolitical orders in an historical and contemporary context. It was in Torgau that American and Russian soldiers met on the bridge over the Elbe, shook hands, and symbolically bridged the eastern and western fronts of World War II.


Thursday, September 15              Leipzig Seminar VI:

Diplomacy and Cooperative Security

Social Evening:    BBQ at Clara-Zetkin-Park


Friday, September 16                    Leipzig Seminar VII:

Liberalism, International Organizations, and Concepts of Stable Security

Evening:   Student Social

Saturday, September 17               Integrative Workshops:

The point of this working day is to integrate materials and discussions from the previous ten days back into the original questions and concepts articulated at the beginning of the summer academy. This way students can embed their learning in their own intellectual development and exchange findings with their fellow students and colleagues.

Social Event:   Informal Dinner at Professor Garrett’s House.


Sunday, September 18                  Plenum – Theorizing Results, and Wrap-Up:

Summer Academy Plenum: Cultures of Security in a Transatlantic and Global Context

Summer Academy Evaluation

Afternoon:   Bike Tour to Lake Cospuden and Drinks by the Lake


Monday, September 19                 Departures